cropped-little-lambs-logo-2016.jpgThank you for choosing Little Lambs Closet
for your consignment!

Each consignor number requires a minimum of 50 items but no more than 150 items.

All registrations must be completed online and are on a first-come, first-served basis.

You only have to set up an account once because you will keep the same consignor number and password for each subsequent sale.

If you are unable to sell after you register, please let us know as soon as possible. We usually have a waiting list of people who wish to consign. Please understand that if you register to sell and do NOT show up, you may not be allowed to register for the next sale.

Once you register, you will receive an email confirming your registration, and the email will direct you to this website for further information. PLEASE READ ALL OF THE INFORMATION on this page and on the links before you start to inventory your items. We suggest you open all the links and print the information to use as a reference while preparing your items. The deadline for entering the items you wish to sell is Monday before the sale. There are NO exceptions to this.  Our system shuts down in order to prepare for the sale.

Important Information

– Please don’t forget to sign up for a drop-off appointment! There are spots at various times throughout the day on Wednesday.

– Consignors shop ahead of the public on Thursday at 12:00.  If you volunteer as well, you can shop at 10:00 am (if you work 2 shifts) or 11 am (if you work 1 shift).

– If you paid for and used two numbers, you can bring 1 person with you to the consignor pre-sale. Otherwise, only one person is allowed to shop the pre-sale.

– Pick-Up time for your unsold/un-donated items and checks is Saturday at 5:00 PM. If we are finished early, an e-mail will be sent out and we will post on our Facebook page. If checks are not picked up, they will be mailed.

General Information

Whether you’ve never participated in a consignment sale before, or you’re a veteran shopper and consignor, we welcome your participation in Little Lambs Closet. However, we ask that you utilize the information available here. It is especially important that you read the information provided below and in our links.

Each sale features specific types of clothing, either Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter. While certain items may be appropriate at either season, Little Lambs Closet reserves the right to refuse any item that is deemed inappropriate for the sale. This may include clothing that is unsuitable for the season or toys that represent violent or other inappropriate themes.

In particular, Little Lambs Closet refuses to accept any item that appears worn, dirty, stained, or broken. Please carefully check that clothing has all buttons and that zippers work. We recommend examining all clothing under bright, fluorescent lighting, as this will best resemble the lighting conditions of check-in and the sale. Many stains that are not noticeable under household lighting become obvious when presented at check-in. Please understand that we simply cannot accept items that do not meet our criteria. We also do not accept any items with a strong smoke or other odor.  Pre-washing your garments with 1/2 cup of distilled vinegar along with your detergent will help eliminate most odors.

Due to child product safety laws, it is illegal for us to sell anything that is on the Consumer Product Safety Commission recall list. Therefore,we can NOT and will NOT accept any items which have been recalled. One new recall is drop-sided cribs. As of the 2011 fall sale, we will not accept any drop-sided cribs for consignment. For all other items, each consignor is responsible for checking their items to make sure none are on the recall list. Please check the CPSC website (Consumer Product Recalls) carefully before you choose your consignable items.


All consignors are required to pay a seller fee of $10, which is charged when you register. In return, consignors may shop the pre-sale before the sale is open to the public. To shop even earlier, Volunteer! Sign up to volunteer through our sign-up genius link on the Volunteer page. If you sign up and are unable to sell, the consignor fee is not refundable.

Little Lambs Instructions

The above link provides a document which contains specific consignor instructions as well as other pertinent sale information. Please read this information carefully as we cannot accept items, tags or inventory sheets that do not meet our criteria. We suggest printing the instructions to use as a reference while you are preparing your items. When working with consigned inventory, any item which is marked DONATE will automatically be marked REDUCED.

Included in the Consignor Instructions is a list of acceptable and unacceptable consignment items, but be sure to remember the following:

  • We will NOT accept any products on the CPSC recall list. It is your responsibility to check your items.
  • Underwear can only be sold if it is brand-new with tags or in an unopened package.
  • We no longer accept cribs for consignment.
  • Shoes, in good condition, are limited to 10 pairs per seller, and they must be secured with zip-ties, not bags.
  • For health reasons, we do not accept breast pumps.
  • Only pacifiers and bottle nipples in unopened, original packaging will be accepted.

Book and DVD Tags
If you are placing multiple books or DVD’s in one bag, please use this tag on the package to give a full list of all contents.

Cleaning Tips
If you want some advice on how to get your items in shape for the sale, see this document for cleaning tips, including our wonderful stain removal formula.

Hanging instructions – please view the pictures and hang and tag your consignment items accordingly.


When you register, you will be asked to pick a check-in time. We have scheduled check-in times to help reduce your overall wait.

On check in day, follow signs and form a car line in the breezeway next to the Welcome Center. Please have all of your items prepared for sale, with inventory tags completed correctly and attached according to the directions on the Consignor Instructions link.  Please arrive in time and stay in your car, we will have volunteers to unload and carry items inside.

Consignor’s Check and Item Pick-Up

Following the close of the sale, consignors return to the church on Saturday between 5pm-6pm, to pick-up their unsold items.

  • Little Lambs Closet will make every effort to have your check available at your assigned time. Checks not picked up will be mailed.
  • Any items not picked up by 5:00 pm will be donated. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Little Lambs Closet is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • We do NOT reimburse consignors for lost or stolen items.

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